Virtunet’s success in the local government sector is related to its core belief that professional procurement leads to increased productivity within councils. The aim of such procurement management is so that IT managers can devote more time towards ensuring smooth IT operations for the council whilst providing 30 day terms from invoice date.

Local government councils have unique issues in the type of software they can use, government regulations, multiple sites geographically spread out which require constant management and communication. Councils also cater for procurement in various departments such as HR, Engineering, Architecture, Customer Services, Construction and Accounting.

Virtunet understands that government councils are essentially many enterprise companies in one, hence it is our aim to utilise our partners and resources to supply high quality IT that meets the councils’ budget.

The Virtunet Team utilises these skills and develops solutions to work with Government Facilities such as:

  • Field Staff
  • Roads authorities
  • Health departments
  • Port Authorities
  • Libraries
  • Waste management facilities
  • Water treatment facilities
  • Childcare

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