Managed IT Deployment

Deploy desktops, notebooks and mobile devices quickly and seamlessly

IT deployment can be a daunting undertaking even for the most seasoned IT managers. Whether be it a start-up installations for a new office or a desktop refresh for an existing IT infrastructure, there are a plethora of stages to go through to complete the full deployment process. At Virtunet, we value your time invested in such project and believe that PC deployments should be done quickly and as seamlessly as possible without downtime. We understand that your end users need to keep working without interruption, and your IT team members need to minimise desk visits and data migration problems. Keeping all these in mind, over the years Virtunet has performed successful PC deployment for organisations of all sizes.

To make sure that we deploy just the right products with the right configuration that suits your existing IT infrastructure and avoid any compatibility or consolidation issues, Virtunet’s build & configuration centre will integrate custom components into your desktops/notebooks and test them before deployment. This a la carte service suited personally to you includes:

  • Installation of any additional components (HDD, SSD, RAM, Graphic Cards, etc) into the notebook/desktop
  • Imaging, Asset Tagging and Applying changes to BIOS settings on the PC’s as per your specifications
  • All Notebooks/Desktops are tested, documented and repacked prior to shipment & installation

In addition to and efficient configuration and delivery service, our trained specialists can provide comprehensive end-to-end planning and project management services to make sure your PC deployment goes smoothly — maintaining your staff productivity while making improvements to the system. Furthermore, migration of data is made easy by the utilisation of cable-to-cable, binary level data transfer protocols so that data is transferred securely and accurately. Desktop management tools such as HP Client Automation can also be used for continuous monitoring and easy software roll-outs once devices are deployed.

If you are current users of Mac computers such as Macbooks, iPad and iPhones, we have a suite of management tools to integrate and deploy these devices in a PC environment.

Case in point – Virtunet’s Managed Desktop Deployment Solution is aimed to reduce the impact on your IT infrastructure and keep your end users working with minimal interruption while minimising installation timeframe. Championing Green IT since its founding, Virtunet can also handle removal and recycling of your old machines at request. Hence Virtunet can ultimately be your one-stop-shop for a complete managed desktop deployment solution.



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