Australia's first fully Mananed Annuity service for licensing renewals And hardware Maintenance

Virtunet Managed Annuity is the only renewal management service that allows you to:

  • Track all your licenses in one place including box products
  • See estimated cost of renewals sorted by date for budgeting
  • Request all your licensing & maintenance details included into your customer portal


  • Licensing is accessed through multi-vendor licensing portals
  • Vendor portals do not consider other than volume licenses (OEM,retail)
  • Unmonitored licenses leading to scattered license details and renewal dates
  • IT managers are held accountable for license compliance
  • Ad-hoc license purchases leading to multiple license agreements with different end-dates
  • License renewals seen as a gridlock which reduces IT staff productivity


  • IT Departments are overworked & understaffed to manage licenses properly
  • New versions of software are constantly released
  • Software vendors are being more stringent on licensing audits
  • IT managers are held accountable for license compliance
  • Management of IT licenses is de-centralised across different departments in the organisations
  • Recent trend on subscription/cloud-based software applications brings more renewals in play


  • One location for all your licensing & renewal information
  • Co-terming of license renewals into one expiration date, where applicable
  • Avoidance from expenses occurred from reinstatement fees and audits
  • Simplifying license planning, budgeting & procurement for IT managers
  • Making Software Asset Management Easy!

What We Do?


Step 1 – Requirement Analysis
Virtunet Licensing Team will contact you to analyse your current license portfolio. This portfolio analysis will help you identify your current licenses and potential within your current software asset. These guidelines will assist in your future license deployment and management unique to your business environment, and recognise any rooms for improvements within.


Step 2 – Instant Portal Population
Once your portal access is granted, your account will be populated with a collation of all your current licenses. Our Licensing Team will work closely with the vendor(s) to include all your past purchases and box products as well. Ultimately, you will have total visibility across all your licence details: license transactions, license types, license quantities, license vendor(s), expiration dates, start-end dates, and estimated costs of renewals.


Step 3 – Software Asset Evaluation
Virtunet’s licensing portal is presented as a user-friendly dashboard. This will be your platform for effective licensing of your business environment. Our Licensing Team will then leverage on your accumulated licenses on the portal to evaluate the current state of your licensing portfolio. This will ensure the most effective way to license your organisation while staying compliant. The Licensing Team can also knowledgeably recommend any suitable alternatives to your current licensing solution.


Step 4 – License Management
Virtunet Licensing Team will organise all your licensing by merging them or co-terming them into one expiration date (where applicable). This includes merging of licenses due to change of ownership. Being able to co-term your licenses also means that you can avoid irregular renewal bills and incurring late/reinstatement fees. Our Licensing Team will also continuously monitor licenses due for renewals and provide you with timely reminders and quotes to ensure that your licenses are up-to-date.



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