As Australia’s Award Winning Premier IT Provider, Virtunet has grown its team of experienced IT professionals in order to make sure that all requests that its customers may have are consulted and resolved with utmost efficiency.

At Virtunet, we’re all about fast delivery of products and services that we are proud to offer – hardware, software and solutions for all your IT procurement needs.

This procurement portfolio essentially means that Virtunet is your one dependable source for every aspect of business and we can reduce expenditure by reducing the number of suppliers and consolidating purchasing under one banner.

Constantly swamped by ad hoc IT procurement? Needing to find the right solution to a difficult IT requirement? Wanting to purchase IT equipment at market best price? Our dedicated team of industry-leading IT Architects, Business and Account Managers can assist you with all of these. Contact Virtunet today to see how we can help you.



Take the pain out of IT procurement and let Virtunet help you find what you need, including the different options you have, very quickly. By making the procurement process more seamless with the help of dedicated account managers and best in class IT products & solutions, you and your team will see more business productivity.



With consistently fast service and reliable delivery, we are able to guarantee our high standards of products, service and solutions for your business, every time. Our partnerships with major vendors nationwide also means that you will be getting consistently competitive pricings on all of our products.



Becoming a Virtunet client means that you will have access to over 200,000 IT products from over 300 vendors. This portfolio coupled with our professional Account & Licensing Managers will ensure that your procurement is efficiently managed and up-to-date, saving your time and money while ensuring peak business continuity.



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