Virtunet design solutions that compliment your current infrastructure. This involves understanding your particular business requirements and streamlining your operation to improve performance and cultivate sustainable growth.

Design & Optimisation Catalogue

Network Optimisation

Virtunet Introduce high availability solutions into your networks to achieve redundancy, speed and dynamic load balancing for your LAN and WAN to avoid network outages which will cause significant loss in business productivity and revenue.

Server Virtualisation & Business Continuity

IT departments need to deliver more value to the business with reduced resource without compromising the quality of their services. Virtunet Combines Server Virtualisation with a solid Disaster Recovery solution to create the most reliable, flexible and secure infrastructure.

Security & Content Filtering Solutions

Data security is a growing concern of IT with the increase of mobile users. Virtunet have packaged solutions to ensure a secure and clean data storage.

Mobility Solutions

Utilize the mobile workforce to increase customer satisfaction and staff efficiency.

Remote Client Solutions

RCS has evolved enormously in the past decade. Explore the new Blade PC solutions from HP which fills the video processing gap of Mainframe solutions.

These are just some of the core solutions Virtunet offers, we believe that every businesses have their unique requirements. Please feel free to contact us and discuss what’s keeping you awake at night, the solution is just a phone call away.


  • Improves cash flow
  • Maximises tax advantage as all payments are tax deductible
  • Simplify budgeting with a known fixed payment for the term of the lease
  • Better utilise your IT budget
  • Flexibility to return or buy the equipment on the end of lease



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